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Being here, right here in this space is the moment where your transformation begins 



Begin your spiritual transformation, achieve more physical vibrancy through exploration, and

take a risk by stepping out

of your comfort zone

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything. - Lao Tzu




Our Mission

Aspect Life Coaching & Serenity Center's mission is to guide women on their journey to:

Uncover their inner strength and divine wisdom

Challenge themselves to establish self care standards 


Make powerful choices in every aspect of their life


Build a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit, which leads to achieving their goals

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  Our individual coaching is provided by a Certified Life Coach with years of experience with women struggling with codependency, self-esteem, and relationship issues.


Meditation is the road map to creating a connection between you and a higher power. 

Everything you need: courage, strength, compassion, and love is already inside of you.  The practice of meditation, will help you find it. 


Experience the smell, touch, taste, and feel of precious oils grown and harvested from their natural habitats around the world.

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It has been proven time and again that people are more likely to accomplish their goals if they have support from others and someone to be accountable to.

Click "Book Online" to see if a support group is currently active.  

Products We Love

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dōTerra® Essential Oils support us on our wellness journey.  The Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ (CPTG™) 100% pure oils have many healing properties.  There is a pure oil or oil blend that can promote healing with most physical or emotional concerns.


Whether you use the oils topically, internally, or aromatically, they integrate beautifully with your holistic journey.




JMJ Designs by Julia brings you healing words jewelry.  Words and phrases on metal and leather bracelets/cuffs that remind you to “stay on the path.” Beautifully pre-designed or custom made to fit your healing needs.

Incorporated lava beads* both hold and diffuse Essential Oils--aromatically and topically--so that you may receive the benefits throughout your day.

*Lava beads sold exclusively on-site at the

Aspect Life Coaching & Serenity Center.

Why Essential Oils?

dōTerra® Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ (CPTG™) oils that are extracted from plants that are grown all over the world. The oils are a natural alternative to elevate the mind, support the body systems, and give moment by moment emotional support.
These oils are truly “
Gifts of the Earth!”

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3 Facts about

dōTerra® Essential Oils

  • Essential Oils are 100% natural

  • Essential Oils can safely be used on anyone when diluted from babies to the elderly

  • Essential Oils can support you emotionally and are powerful as OTC medication with no side effects

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3 Ways to Use


dōTerra® Essential Oils

  • Aromatically: Breathe them in or put in a diffuser

  • Topically: Place oil on site, roll on bottoms of feet, wrist or back of neck

  • Internally: Drop in water or veggie cap

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3 Reasons to Use

dōTerra® Essential Oils

  • They smell amazing!

  • You feel amazing!

  • It supports the people who source, distill, and process the oils in their native country, so that’s just amazing!


What Clients Are Saying 

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Kelly G.

I came to Darlene seeking guidance about the challenges I was facing in my work and personal life. I had worked hard to get where I was in my career, but that hard work was starting to take a major toll on me. There were also a lot of things going on at home that I didn’t know how to cope with in a healthy way. Her coaching helped me see where I was blocked and gave me insights about myself that I never would have discovered on my own. Thanks to the coaching work I did with Darlene, I was able to overcome many of my emotional obstacles and negative mental habits, and find so many ways to love my life again. I can’t recommend her coaching enough!

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Deanell S.

Darlene has been my coach since May of 2015. During that time, I have found her to be professional, intuitive and creative.  Over the years we have developed a true partnership around my goals and development. I can always count on her for honest feedback and positive encouragement; she is both tough and supportive and I know much of what I have accomplished is due to our work together.

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Gretchen B.

Recently I had my first AromaTouch experience. It was amazing! I loved the series of oils used, and found myself able to relax and enjoy the experience, as I anticipated the next amazing scent.

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Mimi D.

Such a relaxing enjoyable experience that all my tension just seemed to melt away. I am so grateful, for the kind and comforting touch.  

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Certified Life Coach  dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate